Hello! Welcome to my website!

I'm sick of mainstream social media and I've always wanted to make my own site, so i'm finally doing it

This is still very much a work in progress. I have a lot of things to do and I fuck around with this site in my free time between work and my various art projects (which i'll be making a page for soon!) so it might be a while before it's finished

Hello nice to meet you, I'm the queer transgender satanist D&D-playing punk that all those PSAs in the 80s and 90s were talking about.

I'm a Capricorn, my favorite Pokémon is Wooper, and my entire life is piloted by ADHD.

My favorite musician of all time is Will Wood! I've seen him live twice and gotten to meet him and talk to him both times! And he even signed my shoulder so i could get it tattooed onto me!! He is a very cool person and an amazing musician and if you haven't listened to him before, you really should.

My interests include drawing, writing, sewing... anything crafty/DIY-related pretty much! Also i adore pretty much anything related to the horror genre. My favorite slasher is Michael Myers

I'll make this box look nice and rewrite this later after i get the rest of the site looking halfway decent.

art gallery

graphics page

finish layout for journal area

create a template for my characters' pages


links out



music rec section


blinkie box yeet

01/28/2023: Totally changed my landing page and added my Tamanotchi

12/06/2022: Added another page, the rambles page, which will eventually lead to a lot of cool stuff. Also, added the widget for the Jelly World webring :3

12/02/2022: Made a site button and added a basic about me and (currently incomplete) to-do list.

11/26/2022: Added some blinkies and some animal crossing pixels so i can join pixel friends. Nothing major.

11/24/2022: Splash page added!

11/22/2022: Finally got my code working well enough that i can actually get it out of codepen and put it on my site! (probably)

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!
please don't look at this site on mobile or in Edge, it is not mobile-friendly and nothing looks good in edge.

mobile-friendly site coming soon(-ish?)